Successful wardrobe
Successful people who wear the same clothes ever day
A surprising number of successful people wear the same clothes every day. Apple founder Steve Jobs is one such person, maintaining the style of a black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers his entire life. Looking at photos of him appearing at successive product press conferences, we can see how long he maintained his conviction. There may be some hints to be found by looking at the wardrobes of successful people.

Einstein, famous for the general theory of relativity, is said that he thought the time spent choosing what to wear every morning was a waste of time and bought multiples of the same suit in different models. Successful people who wear the same clothes every day are not limited to Steve Jobs and Einstein. Former US President Obama is known to have worn the same suit every day. For that reason, he says the following. "I always wear a grey or blue suit. This reduces the number of decision I have to make. I do not have enough time to decide what to eat and wear because I have mountains of other things to decide”. Quoting a certain essay, Obama explained that even the simplest decision can reduce the accuracy of subsequent decisions.

Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook wears the same gray shirt, black parker, and jeans every day. When asked at a Facebook public Q&A why he wears the same shirt every day, he replied,

"I try to avoid decisions that do not contribute to the society as much as possible. This is actually based on many psychological theories. Even if they are small decisions such as what to eat and what to wear, they can consume one's energy if made repeatedly. If I am focusing my attention on the small decisions of everyday life, I feel like I don’t do my own job. Providing the best possible service and connecting over 100 million people are exactly what I should do”.

Successful people seem to agree that one should "reduce the number of decisions.” The reason is that even if they are small decisions, by accumulation of those they can cause a decline in accuracy when making major decisions. This is a psychological state called "decision fatigue", and the fatigue caused by multiple decisions can build up to decrease productivity. Worrying about the details of fashion may only be one trivial decision in daily life. But these trivial decisions may be decreasing the accuracy of the major decisions which we should really be making.
Successful wardrobe
Successful wardrobe

*Information accurate as of time of publication.