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Tomofusa Fukasawa

tomofusa fukasawa
We put our heart and soul in restoring properties.

Our company takes pride in first-rate sales volume in Ginza area, and for more than 30 years since its establishment in a prime location in Tokyo, we have not changed our phone number and continued to operate without any accidents, violations, lawsuits, and complaints. The capital in a real estate business is the portfolio of the company, so history and achievements matter.
Most of all, we value putting our hearts and minds in doing real estate business. As an agency handling high-valued properties, I believe that real estate properties are a living being, so we are very thorough in doing our after-sales. I firmly believe that putting it to life will lead to our trustworthiness as a company.

Year of Birth
Sanfel Co., Ltd.
12F Ginza 888 Bldg., 8-8-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Type of business
Sales and renovation of real estate, restructuring business
The demand for real estate in Tokyo is increasing year by year; however, its rental market value is cheaper compared to huge cities like New York, London, and Hong Kong, so it has gained a lot of attention from overseas investors.
Due to inbound demand and increase in population, an advancement in construction boom occurred, and demand for hotels and offices went to an enormous breakthrough. 

Among these, we have turned our eyes to our overseas clients in Europe, US, and Southeast Asia. Because of that, we have kept a 100% occupancy rate in sales and brokerage of buildings and hotels, to which we are currently focusing our efforts on.

Ginza, which is one of our brands, does not only have numerous restaurants with a Michelin rating but also has some of the finest hotels and cultural facilities. In other words, you could say that real estate property in a strategic location has property value.
Also, the yield in real estate is not only high, income from rentals did not decline even in times of economic downturn like the collapse of the bubble economy and the Lehman shock. Therefore, there would be no issues even if one considers selling while under recession particularly in prime locations like Ginza, which can be proved by our track record for over 30 years.

We are always asked about our achievements whenever we deal with properties in Ginza area. For example, when one has to undergo surgery, it is normal to ask for a surgeon with a proven track record. The same is true with real estate agents.
We were able to sell through these achievements, and we have earned most of our clients through a referral system. Our business is supported by repeat clients without doing any advertisements.
To involve achievement, it is important to have an excellent eye in choosing a place that can be fully booked. Hence, as real estate experts, we provided prime locations that match our clients' needs.
Focusing on after-sales is an important thing. We always make sure to ask our clients even after establishing the deal. We never stop at just selling. The effect after closing the deal will lead to future updates, and through that, we establish a long-term relationship with our clients. The reason why we do not change our phone number is because we would like to continue transacting with our clients even after closing a deal until their grandchildren's generation.

Also, we put expensive flowers in our buildings, remove the dust in every flower and water them every day. If it is artificial, maintenance will not be necessary. But we go the extra mile of putting fresh flowers because like real estate properties, it will not grow unless we put life into it.
Elderly people were troubled by the intense heat in 2018, but we replaced the air conditioners in all rooms for free, even for customers whose warranty periods have lapsed.
We noticed these small things and we went an extra mile, so our clients became very happy.
Real estate properties are a living being, it will become something that can be managed for a long time because we wholeheartedly clean and put our hearts and minds into it. I believe that's what makes us trustworthy with a 100% occupancy rate.

Over the past 30 years, we have handled over 2000 transactions, and I am proud that the value of our clients' properties never declined.
I could say that our company is not only about real estate business, but we are also in a business that comes with social responsibility. We have started the first incubation project from 2007 at the University of Tokyo, further increasing our awareness of social contribution.
Food, clothing, and shelter are essential for humans, and among these, the living environment that we are dealing with is mostly needed in afflicted areas where people are forced to live in a critical environment.
Since every living human is involved with real estate properties, as a real estate expert, we would like to continue letting the world know about properties that bring good luck.

In the future, one cannot say that a property is a good choice just because it is close to the station or because it gets a good amount of sunlight. The keyword in selecting a property shall be a place that can bring good luck.
As for me, I have been living a healthy life without catching a cold. No matter how much one saves money, the health of the mind and body should come first. It is important for a proper real estate to become a place where the one occupying is able to maintain his good luck and health.
We would like to continue putting our hearts and minds in our work as a real estate expert who can provide such luck.

tomofusa fukasawa
tomofusa fukasawa

*Information accurate as of time of publication.

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Tomofusa Fukasawa