Tatsuo Akiba

We would like to give the highest level of excitement to our clients.

Our company is involved in the business of spatial design. We work on putting value on the space itself with an understanding that there is a layout based on the existence of design in its core. An example is providing support in properties with layout but with no design such as furnished shops.

Year of Birth
2F HOLSTER, TOC Bldg. 2, 1-17-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Type of business
Spatial design
Our greatest strength is presentation. We believe that a space's value depends on the client's first impression when opening the door for the first time, so we put utmost importance on how we bring excitement to our clients.
Therefore, we always do presentations twice. First, we focus on how the client would want to use their space. We read our clients' wants by asking them questions. We do not just show our clients the design that they really want through a simple drawing, but we also go to great lengths in creating a complete image including the finest details through a specific and realistic video using CG and animation. This is the first presentation.
By doing so, it will be easier for the client to imagine the completed design and its use, and for them to say that they want to have it done. And then we always make these designs happen in reality.

Although some design-related difficulties may appear when the architect applies the design, things will be resolved if the client really wants it. The second presentation takes place when we hand over the design.
As an example, shops invite customers by putting on music, dimming the light, and putting scents to make the space smell great. With the shop in perfect condition, I tell the client about what the customers think the moment they enter the door because it tells the value of the shop. With that in mind, we do not just provide design for the space, we provide a total makeover including ways on how to present and use it.

News about our work gradually spread through word of mouth, and so far, we have produced over 100 space designs. At the moment, we take in a lot of jobs involving villas owned by affluent people. As part of employee training, we thoroughly incorporate things from a technical point of view, which is something that other companies do not observe two or three years ago. A lot of CG production software used in Japanese construction industry are unique to Japan, but we are using a world-standard software.
For instance, in constructing sports facilities like the one for Olympic Games, large construction companies normally provide animation outsourced from other countries; however, since we adopt that technology into our designs in individual villas and stores, we have the advantage of providing presentations that no one has seen before. In addition, a lot of our staff, who were gathered together by chance, are able to work in multiple languages. This will also lead to broadening our developments in the future.

We correspond to a total of seven languages including English and Chinese, so we get more and more requests from outside the country. Clients in Japan are also looking into overseas expansion so we would like to ride on this wave and see how the world will accept our spatial designs and its value.
I see potential in jobs that involve the creation of restaurants in America, China, and Netherlands, as well as doing spatial design in the interior of villas of affluent people in Los Angeles, and I am ready to start on it anytime.

Using my own design, I would like to create a famous restaurant overseas where people wait in long queues. Same goes with villas. I would like to see if the wealthy people of Los Angeles will accept my craft.
I will strive hard with all my might to give form to what my clients want to give them the highest level of excitement. Since finally handing over the presentation is what excites me the most, I do not have any fears and hesitations in expanding abroad. I feel greater pleasure and enjoyment in being able to challenge something.

Our clients are made of people who are really capable in their work, and that is why I believe that our senses are polished well on a daily basis. My goals grow higher as I look closely at such wonderful people. I always have a venturing spirit, although I sometimes wonder if it is a good thing.
I have challenged and accomplished a lot of things over and over. So, whenever I think of the things that I was able to do, I always think that I have what it takes. I would like to continue challenging how far I can accomplish through this new and unique discipline that they call spatial design.


*Information accurate as of time of publication.


Tatsuo Akiba