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Possibility of sharing economy
The Possibilities of the Sharing Economy.
Throughout history, "markets" have begun due to the need for humans to exchange things, and this process led to the evolution of "currency". However, in modern times markets and currency have completely matured. On the contrary, as we see in income disparity and the doctrine of economic supremacy, the defects of market economies have become apparent. And so a new economic system which is not directly mediated through markets and currencies has arisen, creating great market value internationally. This is the sharing economy.
Just what is the sharing economy? Stated plainly, it is an economy where people share the things they need in their lives. The objects of such sharing generally include all things related to the necessities of human life. Using "food" as an example, there are cooking utensils, refrigerators, gas stoves, microwaves, kitchens and ingredients as well as fully prepared dishes. In the same way, any resources can be shared such as living spaces, bedrooms, home appliances, daily implements, beds, furnishings, automobiles. Behind the evolution of the sharing economy where people share things and resources, the development of IT is essential. Recently we have advances in SNSs, etc., sparking the evolution of each and every community and making the connection of people who otherwise never would have connected each other easy. In other words, a more rational society has been created, and information, things, services, etc. that seemed impossible to obtain in the past can now be easily obtained from anywhere in the world, realizing an era where people can choose "what they want, when they need it".

Among this, as an example, there is the transfer of ownership individually such as with online auctions, and the idea of people who need such things being able to buy and use them when necessary is actually a very natural thing. It is from such beginnings that the system called the sharing economy evolved, and if the concept permeates society more than it has now the benefits to society will be immeasurable.

While demand for car sharing, room sharing, office sharing, etc. continues to expand these days especially in urban areas, these are no more than a part of corporate business. For example, in daily life in Australia it is commonplace for people to share at the individual level, such as "I have extra snacks--would you like to eat them?", with individuals sharing even their own cars, houses, and fields. This is a very broad and deep permeation of sharing in people's lives. In other words, sharing is realized as a ground-breaking system for the evolution of a society of coexistence and rationality. These concepts reduce income disparity, creating a fairer society. This is why what is currently receiving the most attention in this field is value as a business, such as with the increasing demand for car sharing and room sharing in Japan.
Possibility of sharing economy
Possibility of sharing economy

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