What is Next Era Leaders?
In an era marked by rapid changes such as regional conflicts, international tensions, climate change, environmental issues, inflation, and bank failures, entrepreneurs are resiliently continuing their challenges towards the future. Next Era Leaders have emerged to select the leaders of the next generation in Japan and to broadcast messages to young people worldwide. Taking steps beyond the ordinary, here we record the key to a brighter future.

A ceremony to honor entrepreneurs who boldly continue to challenge themselves for the future in an era of rapid change. Held in New York, where leading figures from various industries such as entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, chefs, and athletes gather from around the world. In such a place where innovative ideas, technologies, and forward-thinking for the next generation are born, especially in times of uncertainty, efforts focused on the "future" will be recognized. This ceremony is titled "NEXT ERA LEADERS AWARD CEREMONY" and is scheduled to take place on May 21st in New York.

Award winners

Next Era Beauty AWARD
RIEIR Co. Ltd. - CEO Rieir Shibata

The Japanese government holds significant expectations for extending healthy life expectancy through regenerative medicine, and Rieir Select has expanded its presence not only in Japan but also worldwide. As a pioneer, she continues to undertake new challenges to become a frontrunner in shaping the future where regenerative medicine becomes commonplace in Japan and around the world.

Next Era Leadership AWARD
ELITE Inc. - CEO Issei Kawahara

Their diverse business expansion based on Philippine real estate serves as a bridge connecting Japan and the world, contributing to Japan's globalization efforts. Their philosophy as a business leader, focusing not on whether they are successful but on whether they are taking on challenges, reflects an attitude of continually pushing boundaries at the forefront.

Next Era Well-being AWARD
SWIMMY, Inc. - CEO Yuta Izawa

In the midst of growing attention to well-being, reskilling, and the diversity of work styles, efforts have been made within the web advertising industry to contribute to employee happiness by achieving results through an unusual full remote work approach. Furthermore, by expanding business through the technique known as "growth hacking" while creating clean internet advertisements, the industry is being revitalized.

Next Era Sales Tech AWARD
Sales Marker Co., Ltd. - CEO Ukyo Ogasawara

Amidst advancing technological development driven by AI, a vision to "create a new era of sales through technology" has emerged. In Japan, this has led to the creation of a new category called "Intent Sales." Leveraging AI and data, companies are deploying Sales Intelligence primarily targeting major corporations, enabling them to approach companies with manifested needs at the most opportune times.

Next Era Dentistry AWARD
Nihonbashi Implant Center - President Hitoshi Tamaki

In the field of dental implant treatment in Japan, he has made significant contributions through the refinement of their treatment techniques, mentoring the next generation, and educating patients. With nearly 30 years of experience in the implant industry, he has decided to further contribute by establishing a fund at his alma mater's dental school.
He has contributed to the extension of healthy life expectancy associated with oral health.

Next Era Biotechnology AWARD
OrganTech, Inc. - CEO Takashi Kondo

Through pioneering organ regeneration technology, they are offering new treatment methods in the fields of hair regeneration and dental treatment. In 2023, they achieved the successful reproduction of organs with three-dimensional structures, garnering attention from companies and medical institutions worldwide as a leading R&D company in Japan. They are leveraging Japan's technological prowess to challenge themselves to deliver regenerative medicine to many people around the world.

Next Era Growth AWARD
GATES Inc. - CEO Yuji Sekino

Amidst the active investment in real estate across various countries, they have expanded their business portfolio to include various real estate-related ventures, with real estate investment as their flagship. Achieving an annual revenue of 15 billion yen in their 11th year since founding, they have secured a spot in the Asia-Pacific Region's Fastest Growing Companies Ranking for two consecutive years, showcasing the potential of Japanese venture enterprises.

Next Era Hospitality Award
Okochi Internal Medicine Clinic. - Founder&Director Masahiro Okochi

Aiming to be the "Amazon of the healthcare industry," Dr.Okochi provides deeply impactful medical services. They never say no and strive to meet every patient's needs, challenging the reform of Japan's healthcare system. As the first Japanese doctor to appear on TED Talks and an active member of the Forbes Council in the United States, they are expanding their deeply impactful medical services not only in Japan but also overseas.

Next Era Women Empowerment AWARD
GINZA AYUMi CLINIC - Founder&Director Ayumi Masuda

While Japan's obstetrics and gynecology field boasts world-class technology, there are aspects of women's concerns, such as pre- and post-natal care and menopause, which are not adequately addressed under insurance-covered medical services. In this regard, actively promoting initiatives for "women's care" is believed to bring happiness to many people. Holding the conviction that supporting Femtech is crucial, she is actively involved at the forefront and contributes significantly to promoting female participation in the workforce.

Next Era Manufacturing Award
SUZUKOH, Inc. - CEO Hirohiko Suzuki

In Japan's world-renowned automotive industry, Suzukoh Corporation, a subsidiary of parts manufacturer Enkei, handles the world's leading share of aluminum wheels for automobiles. Having grown into a company that sells a wide range of industrial products used in the manufacturing process of engine components, it has become an indispensable presence in the automotive industry.