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Naoyuki Suzuki

Naoyuki Suzuki
We can progress along with the continuity of the healthcare industry.

We offer management consulting services specialized in healthcare, nursing care and welfare industries. To be specific, we give diversified support to management by institutionalizing plural services as group companies, such as M&A support, development support, and recruitment support. People of all ages all over the world need medical care. Today, facing more varied issues and needs, the healthcare industry needs to have more diversified strategies and business approaches than ever before. We progress along with customers and the continuity of the healthcare industry by enhancing expertise in various fields and providing high-quality, diversified services.

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CB Holdings inc.
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Management consulting services specialized in healthcare, nursing care and welfare industries
In 2019, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Upon the foundation of our business, we first focused on recruitment services specialized in the health care industry. We had a good start, increasing profits for 13 consecutive terms because the medical care industry had long-term issues such as a shortage of medical doctors and nurses and uneven distribution of staff in rural areas, and there was a high demand for our services. However, our business performance started to drop when competition got fierce when large-scale competitors entered the market. Business results continued to fall, and the organization was facing a harsh situation seven years ago when I joined the company. First, I started the M&A support service by using the knowhow I had acquired from my own experience. According to the Survey of Corporate Attitudes regarding Business Succession (2017) (Teikoku Databank, Ltd.), 66.5% of the domestic businesses had no successors. Like general enterprises, many of the medical institutes of small and middle scale had successor issues as well as recruitment issues in Japan. The service grew successfully because it was important to offer medical care services in communities continuously even if managers changed. Then, I grew the M&A support service into our mainstay business. After having taken the post of president about four years ago, I formed the current holdings system, increasing the services that were considered to be necessary for supporting business to respond to changes of the times.
The trend is also seen in other industries. In many cases, organizations, especially of small and middle scale, are engaging in varied activities to keep up with changes and big trends of time. However, many of them need support in varied aspects because it is hard for them to carry out all such activities on their own. To address management issues and needs effectively, I acknowledge the importance of an organization having a high degree of specialization. Accordingly, I drastically altered the system of our company by divisionalizing the single company called Career Brain (the former company name) offering management support, business development support, M&A support, development support, and recruitment support into six divisions and introducing a holding company system.

One of our strengths is that we have arranged the group system for totally supporting responses to management issues and needs while enhancing specialization through divisionalization.
My role as a manager is enhancing the specialty of each division company, appropriately distributing management resources according to changes of time/environment and customers’ needs, and planning and composing new business fields.

The medical care industry rarely runs into radical management crises because the national government protects it with national insurance. For example, hospitals can continue to offer the same medical services that are required in the community despite changes in demography and/or the medical institutions nearby in the community.

In every industry, changing a system or mechanism is time-consuming and accompanied by huge resistance and friction. However, it would be riskier to do nothing in a rapidly changing time like today. Even slowly changing medical institutions will be able to change an outdated system or mechanism if physicians, nurses and other staff change their awareness or thinking. Some medical doctors have a sense of crisis, feeling the changes of time. Some physicians even try to change their specialty, expecting the advancement of AI technology to do away with human staff. Changes large and small, caused by social reform or technological progress, will always continue, like pharmacies facing significant change when the separation of dispensaries from medical practice began. The first step is raising management’s awareness of the change.

It is important to continue to constantly anticipate near-future trends and challenge ourselves to change to ensure our value as an intermediary. To change someone in front of you, you should first change yourself. Otherwise, you will lack the ability to persuade. “We continue to change. So, let’s work together!” This is my message. If you tell a realistic story including your challenges, the importance of change, and goals you want to achieve through change, for example, if you are having the difficulty in adapting to a new system or mechanism in your company, then, others will have their awareness of change awakened. You will definitely want to follow someone who has already made changes if you still hesitate to make changes although you are aware of their necessity. We would like to bring new perspective to management, while motivating our customers to enjoy change.”

Thanks to the high demand, M&A support is our mainstay business in our holdings company today. We are aiming to grow the services offered by two group companies. One is CB Knowledge. They have supported recruitment for 20 years. It has been more difficult to recruit workers while customers’ needs and circumstances are getting more complicated. Hidden issues may be revealed if we dig into the reasons for recruitment. For example, a certain institution reformed their personnel system, which reduced their turnover rate and consequently, made recruitment unnecessary. Our consulting service provides the latest information on business development, human resources, and PR in order to truly solve issues.

The other company is CB Medical. The company is providing hands-on consulting services in the way that more deeply and directly embeds itself in clients' management of medical institutions.
They try to accelerate changes by considering systems, mechanisms and future directions together with medical institution managers.
In the future, medical institutes will have workers of a wider range of age groups. Such workers will probably have diversified opinions about change. The young tend to have fresh ideas while the elder are expected to have a broad perspective and rich experience. I believe the key is sharing the awareness of problems while respecting others’ advantages regardless of age. The customers who need our services want some changes more or less. We would like to transmit the essence of CB Holdings to the medical care industry by aggressively creating change and enjoying making changes ourselves.
Naoyuki Suzuki
Naoyuki Suzuki

*Information accurate as of time of publication.

CB Holdings inc.

Representative director
Naoyuki Suzuki