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The future carved out by Amazon

Expanding its services into 14 countries of the world, is an overwhelming presence in online retail. Countless EC sites have appeared on the internet, but none have rivaled this company, and the gap continues to widen. Having changed the way of shopping with information technology, what is Amazon aiming for next? CEO Jeff Bezos' "next move" is the focus of the world's attention.

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Having placed himself in the world of financial engineering, Jeff Bezos focused on the rapidly growing internet and established in 1994. As everyone knows, the products they first dealt in were books. However, an online book store was not Bezos' final goal. The concept he had since before creating it was to create an "everything store" that sells all kinds of products on a website. The reason he decided to start out with books as the initial products was that after comparing countless candidate products, the ISBN codes being managed by publishers around the world made the mail order sales program easy to create, and there was a lack of variation in quality and formats, making it a perfect type of product to start an initial foray into net shopping.
Around 1998 at the time of the so-called dot com bubble when large-scale funding became possible, Bezos expanded a range of product categories into toys, CDs/DVDs, and electric appliances by aggressive investment. And he established fulfillment centers in various locations for stock management, picking, and shipment. He also accelerated to build the distribution system which could be in chaos with the explosive increase in products.

The differentiating factor of Amazon is seen in such scenarios where there is a paradox regarding "things". The strength of internet business is put simply that physical objects are not needed. With internet shopping, one can create a "place" in cyberspace and construct a mall where various businesses can set up shop. Bezos, however, while enjoying the benefits of not having an actual store, showed steely determination in having large quantities of stock and massive fulfillment centers.

Whatever people showed that they "wanted", those products would arrive to them (sometimes out of thin air?) soon. Information is obtained from devices near to us, via methods that stimulate the five senses such as text data, audio, video, etc. It is somewhat like a child's vision of the "future". However, the consumption style that Amazon is currently trying to construct seems close to this image. And as long as people are not able to completely separate from physical objects, I cannot think of a company that embodies it more than Amazon. It will be certain that Amazon’s service business with high added value which can be achieved because it is a “company that has things” will continue to earnestly follow the path of further expanding., Inc., Inc.

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Chairman of the Board and President CEO
Jeff Bezos