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Akio Abiru

Akio Abiru
Creating plans that impart dreams and happiness to people in order to bestow "enjoyment" to the world

I am currently working on a wide range of projects as a company manager, but in no way do I possess any special skill that I can boast to people. The only thing I have since I was young, more than anyone else, is a strong will to "be richer than what I am now". However, for someone like me -- bereft of redeeming qualities -- to be rich, I need to work with other people, and I need the help of other people. One horsepower is still one horsepower. There is a limit to this. The infinite possibilities of humanity are enshrined in "the principle of multi horsepower" by combining the power of several people. That is how I decided to start this business based on the concept of working together.

Year of Birth
kumu2 Inc.
1F Sumitomo Realty & Development Shibakoen Tower, 2-11-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Type of business
1. Project management and promotion for B2C and B2B marketplace     2. Customer acquisition and EC support services for stores
Our main business is the management of the marketplace, and we are extensively developing customer acquisition and EC support services for stores.
During its establishment, we focused on "tsuku2", site management and promotion business geared towards BtoC. Since April 2018, we opened "kumu2" marketplace geared towards BtoB. The business continues to grow at a rapid pace until now.

Once, there has been no platform on the Internet where business people can support each other. That is why, apart from receiving a huge response since opening, the synergy effect it created through the cooperation of a wide variety of business people and colleagues, is immeasurable. Through our marketplace, we strongly believe that everyone can discover great opportunities in the Internet's secondary market.

I started this business in 1997. At that time in Japan, analog Internet was mainstream and even infrastructure was unavailable. With the referral of my friend, I started an agency for distribution businesses through the Internet. I had no money nor information and I was at a time when the Internet was still not popular, but my desire was stronger than anyone else. Nonetheless, not many people had computers during that time, so even conveying the convenience that the Internet brings proved to be a difficult task. However, I was really excited about the Internet which allows anyone to be a seller or distributor as long as there are consumers. It was also a huge shock for me. The words of Bill Gates about the "impending 21st century Internet" has left a mark in me, which made me realize the huge possibilities in store for the future.
Twenty years have passed since then, and the Internet has improved by leaps and bounds, allowing the acquisition and delivery of information from anywhere in the world at a blink of an eye.

As we move towards our 10th anniversary this 2017, our agency network continues to see huge expansions. The birth of a synergistic effect naturally induced buzz marketing through word-of-mouth. Therefore, as of the moment, we do not conduct sales activities at our company as we do not have a sales department. Similar to how a snowman is created, no matter how small the ball of snow is first, as long as the center is fortified, rolling it around will surely make it bigger. The work required to solidify snow takes perseverance and a lot of hard work to create something from scratch. However, by cherishing this work more than anything, and by possessing the courage to weather through the changes and adapt to the times in order to obtain this, I learned to sincerely love my work and enjoy life.

Our market place will continue to grow and pioneer a new market. This was made possible by our partnership with several business people. We started with 5 stores when we first opened. Then, we partnered with these owners and continued to pursue how we can simplify use and what would bring them joy, which allowed us to achieve our current form. During that time, what sunk deeply into my mind was people’s warmth. The world is rapidly becoming a more convenient place through the internet, and despite the spread of a digital society, what is needed in the future is the warmth of the people and a deep bond with them.

An analog viewpoint is necessary because it is digital, and if we are able to inspire people on the Internet, a truly needed platform will arise. Based on the idea of a "Human Internet Company", we hope to create a people-based business that values the warmth of and connection with people.
Moving forward, as we aim to create a network of 10 thousand agencies, we are planning to pour in more effort to create a platform that enjoins business people.

Akio Abiru
Akio Abiru

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Akio Abiru